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Helicity flip for neutrinos

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    A left handed neutrino (chirality) can be seen with a right helicity due to a lorentz boost. Can this neutrino interact ? Yes because it is still left-handed chirality ?
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    @Orodruin is our resident neutrino expert :)
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    Vanadium 50

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    The short answer is "yes". The interaction cares about chirality, not helicity.
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    He is also relatively indisposable at the moment. :rolleyes:
    V50 seems to be handling this just fine.
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    Thanks !
    But in fact I am not sure it is right...
    Look double beta decay : right (chirality) antineutrino is first emitted, then its helicity is flipped (massive neutrino) : it becomes a left helicity antineutrino still with right chirality. And, if Majorana, this left helicity antineutrino is equal to a left helicity neutrino which is absorbed by the second neutron...
    From the beginning to the end it is a right chiral particle and a right chiral particle cannot give the weak process V-A : n + neutrino -> p + e-
    So here it seems that the process is governed by the helicity ! and not by the chirality ! This is where I am lost...
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