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Helium-3 superfluidity

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    does anybody know something about magnetic behaviour of helium-3 superfluid, i.e. under T=2,7mK and beneath its gas pressure?
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    If I'm not mistaken, the calculations prior to Lee, Richrdson and Osheroff's work in the 70s said that He-3 should be antiferromagnetic below about 2mK. I think in their original paper L, R and O showed that this is not true - but they may have changed this later. There were a few things that weren't so well understood immediately after the original measurement. One of them was the magnetic ordering. I would look into subsequent papers by L, R and O.

    Also, recently, Anderson has been doing a few calculations on He-3 and He-4 after Kim & Chan's work. I think he finds that there are both ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic terms that nearly cancel each otherand result in the weak exchange behavior that was perhaps suggested by L, R and O. I'm very hazy on this, so I suggest you look into the most recent papers by Anderson (last 2 years).
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    More info can be found here: http://www.3he-helium.com/ [Broken]
    Also a great documentary of the BBC btw.

    Good luck!
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