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Helium gas is compressed form 1 atm and 25 degree C

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    Helium gas is compressed form 1 atm and 25 degree C to a pressure of 10atm adiabatically. the lowest temp. of helium after compression is

    i dont know how to start if any one can give me hint to start the problem it would be a great things
    thank you
    waiting for your answer

    i got the answer thanks for for hints

    I did is T2/T1= (P2/P1)^(k-1/K)
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    If you finish the question, you might have a better idea of how to obtain the answer!

    Try and remember a relationship between temperature, pressure, and volume.
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    First, what does "adiabatic" mean.
    Second, find an equation that applies to "adiabatic" processes for gasses.

    hint: several things can happen when you compress (or expand) a constant mass of a gas: its pressure can change (obviously), its temperature can change, and it can gain or lose heat from the environment. Figure out which of these applies and you'll figure out which equation applies.
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