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B Hellas Basin

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    Where exactly on Mars is the best spot to set up camp for a colony? I've been reading about the Hellas Basin, which seems favorable regarding asmospheric pressure and ability to host liquid water (0 to 50 degrees F). However, it's located halfway between the Martian equator and the south pole, which would likely make it colder than a spot right on the equator.
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    Not sure if warmth pressure and liquid water would be priorities for location. With enough power, those can easily be created in necessary amounts.

    I'd look for easy access to rare minerals necessary for whatever technology is in use.
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    If we filled Hellas Basin with SF6 Gas (Sulphur Hexaflouride), because of it's high density would we be able to do without a pressure suit at the lowest point?
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    That makes sense. Have you heard of any specific proposed locations? I couldn't find anything about that on the Mars One website.
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    At 146 g/mol instead of 44 (CO2), it would have a scale height of ~3.3 km. To get the pressure to 0.2 bar (to have a pressure equivalent to the oxygen partial pressure on Earth) you would have to be ~17 km below zero. No way, the Hellas basin is just 7 km deep.

    To make it worse, the SF6 would mix with the remaining atmosphere over time. Oh, and the 1013 tons of SF6 would be challenging as well.
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    How many Mars colony threads do we need here?
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    Lets have some Moon colony threads! I'll start one.
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    I didn't want to be accused once again of hijacking another thread.
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    Did you make it yet?
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    Let's keep the posts in this thread on-topic; namely, on the Hellas Basin of Mars.
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