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Hello again! you may or may not remeber me. I'm 14 and a did a science fair project on Quantum Physics. I just thought I'd let everyone know that I did very well and got first in my category. I am now on my way to the provincial science fair! I found everyone very helpful on the forum even though I didn't post very often. I ended up explaining the standard model in basic terms ( Not into detail on the forces), I talked alot about the Higgs boson and the Big Bang theory, I talked about Fermilab and CERN, Explained in basic terms how an accelerator works, and closed off with what inventions have been created in the past using particle experiment data, some inventions they are working on right now, and how they never know what they could discover in experiments.

my thanks to everyone who helped,
oh and well im at it, I thought that since i'm going to the provincial fair that I might try to build some type of accellerator. I have 3 weeks till the provincials. Is it possible for me to build one? I know most are complicated but what about the ones that early phyicists built that could fit in your hand? what kind should I build? Are there any books on the subject that i could get? (they cant have too much algabra or too many complicated terms) Would collisions be observable? What parts would be needed? could I make my own parts?
any help is apreciated,

what does moved mean? why was i moved?


Hi jamus,

Congratulations on the science fair project -- keep up the good work. On your accelerator question, I'm not of much help except to point out that you will need some sort of a vacuum apparatus to go with your accelerator. Quiz Question -- why?

On the "moved", I'm assuming that your post of this thread here was originally in a different sub-forum on the PF, and a Mentor thought it should be moved, either to a more appropriate forum, or to this more general forum to get you more views.


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Congrats man!

I won't be of any help on creating an accelerator though.


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I won't be of any help on creating an accelerator though.
Same here; I'd just cram a bunch of electrons into a shotgun and let 'er rip.

Really, though, good work. You seem to have a brilliant future ahead of you.
Thanks for all the replies. Most accelerators are probably too complicated to build in 3 weeks. Still, if anyone knows how, please reply.

I would think that a basic accelerator would be a coil of wire around a small tube, inside a vaccuum chamber.
Yes you can. I've had a look around and found these:

http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/2005-03/1111506697.Ph.r.html" [Broken]

http://www.ifpan.edu.pl/firststep/aw-works/fsII/alt/altineller.pdf" [Broken]

I hope this helps, and congratulations on your award. I kinda want to make my own now! Tell all my friends that I have one in my room!

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I seem to have some vague recollection from my early years about some way to make an accelerator using cheese and vacuum cleaner, but the details elude me.

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