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Hello all :D

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    Hey hey, i'm new, will be asking questions in sci-fi section and astrophysics section mainly.

    Thanks for having me!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thanks for fast replies, prolly auto, but w/e :D

    Anyway, just one question, hope i won't break the forum rules too much, there cannot be animated gif's as avatar? As my gif is a timelapse of few lasers nullifying the error due to atmosphere distortion simultaneously, looks really cool, that's all i wanted to say :D

    thanks for any clarifications

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    I am not a robot, maybe jedi though, just look at his avatar! :biggrin:

    Correct, can you imagine a page full of animated avatars. Make you go dizzy :smile:
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    oks, tnx :P
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    I'm one of the Pirates in the Pirates of the Caribbean!
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