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Hello all, I'm Vinnie

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    Hello all, I'm Vinnie.
    I've joined this forum because I have many ideas about different things and an interest in a lot of theoretical sciences. I'm great at coming up with new ideas but I often lack the specialized knowledge to test my theories. I hope that in this forum there will be people who can help me with specifics.
    I know that some of my interests are generally not taken seriously but I still find their study fascinating and hope to one day use them to help mankind.
    Some of those interest are...
    Kirlian Energy Fields
    Sound Energy
    Isochronic Tones
    Binaural\Monaural Beats
    Extra Sensory Perception
    (And a Few Other So Called Pseudo-Sciences)

    I expect many would not take me seriously but I sincerely wish to research, discuss, and test my theories completely scientifically.
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    Hi vinnie,

    It's great that you are inquisitive, however, we only deal with mainstream science. I am afraid that discussions of the topics you listed would not be suitable here any longer, we no longer have a 'skepticism and debunking' forum for pseudoscience, which might be what brought you here. We also no longer allow personal theories to be discussed. But please, do read our global guidelines and look around, you may find other topics of interest to you
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    Welcome to PF!

    Please take some time to read our site rules. You will discover that we don't discuss pseudo science as it isn't in fact science. Our mission is to help students of mainstream science understand what they are learning.

    We take this mission very seriously and will delete any threads which venture into non mainstream scientific areas some of which are mentioned in our site rule and in some cases will ban the poster from this site. In addition, we don't discuss personal theories as they tend to confuse other students.

    Having said all that, take your time read the posts and consider carefully what you intend to post, no pseudo science, no speculative science and no personal theories.

    Welcome to PF!
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    Oh, that's too bad. It seems like all the places that have a forum for pseudoscience don't really want to prove or disprove any of it. Instead of going about it in a scientific way they just seem to want to act like it's all proven already. Does anyone know of a site where I could have productive conversations about pseudoscience?
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    Your best bet would be to start your own blog site and invite others from those sites to talk about things on your site. Google blogger is good for this kind of blogging. You could also consider Reddit where anything goes.

    But really why would you even want to waste your time. Years ago, I was interested in psychic phenomena and attended Friday meetings at a local library to discuss the science behind it. It turned out that most people just wanted reassurance that psychic stuff was real and they were willing to stretch the evidence to make it true. Many times folks are simply looking for some proof of the afterlife to assuage the grief of losing a loved one not it trying to prove it or find a mechanism to explain it.

    Every generation goes through some phase of psychic stuff. A century ago it was auras, then with folks channeling spirits and moving tables to bilk unsuspecting believers, then ufos and now these have become reality tv subjects. More recently psychics who cold read audiences of people. Eventually though a high profile caseqppears where the magic is exposed and people lose interest.

    Once you begin to look at science as an effective methodology for understanding the world, you will begin why the pseudo scientific stuff just doesn't add up.
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    Now I think it's time to close this thread...
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