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Hello all! New here.

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    I'm creating a profile because I know I will need help in my upcoming Semester.

    I've just taken a W in my first PHY Uni course. I wish things would have turned out differently, but alas, they didn't. My professor unfortunately didn't want to give homework, do classwork, or further explain on subjects because we always had to "move forward". Our only 2 tests (mid-term & final) were worth 75% of our grade, and the class as a whole failed both the mid-term, and the re-take midterm.

    He said he didn't feel sorry because he taught what needed to be taught, and he would not be curving anything.

    So instead of taking a hit to my GPA, I took a W and will take it again next semester with a different teacher. Hopefully I can take what we did this semester and apply it going forward!
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    Hi Shogan. welcome_bike.gif
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