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Hello all who read this

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    my name is matthew yelle I am a " educated individual", my grammar is elementary at best my math is less then adequate for proofs, formulas or experimental explanations and my vocabulary is limited to basic social quips. that being said I also posses the imagination of no limit a profound understanding of natural elements and a strong desire to make my dreams reality.

    I am also bold straight forward and a bit pig headed in the ideas that I have researched since I was 15 I am now 45 so basically 30 years of individual reading on topics such as magnetic fields electricity and aerodynamics elemental atomic structures and there compatibility with integration in each of the afore mentioned topics I wish to offer my findings with the intention of open minded discussions of what the learned community has to refute my theories.
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    Hello Matthew! Welcome! Please read our guidelines.
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    do need to be educated in order to interact here?
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    No, we are an education community revolving around mainstream science
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    It appears you did not listen to me :frown:
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