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Hello All

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    It's been a while since I've been around.

    I'm sorry for disappearing without notice, but things got busy with grad school and life in general.

    For those who care, I am still alive and doing well. I recently passed the quals and am in a research group and many things in my life are coming together.

    Perhaps in the coming months things will work out that I can show my face more often around here. I hope they do. I miss this place!
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    Good to know it is just a shift of priorities :smile:
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    Hey Goldilocks. Welcome home.

    Good news. Do drop in from time to time.
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    MY favorite Fry guy!!! Welcome Home G01!!!! Please drop by more, we've missed you!

    And congratulations!
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    Long time no see. Welcome back.
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    Dang grad students.. drop by like its the frat house, drink our beer, make out with our women, eat our noodles and leave into the night :grumpy:
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