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Hello all!

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    Hey everyone, i just thought i would introduce my self, my name is *removed* I live and study in rural Australia. I am currently studying a bachelor of Civil Engineering and aspire to pursue a matsters in structural engineering. I joined these forums to improve my mathematic skills, seek assistance from some fellow friends and hopefully help a few others along the way. Please say hi and I'm anyways here to help in any way i can,

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    Welcome to PF!

    I would suggest you remove your full name from your post. Its never a good idea to give away too much info on the internet.

    Have you been to New Zealand yet? There is a Cathedral built of cardboard tubes in Christchurch that might be very interesting to you from a structural engineering perspective. New Zealand's just a stone's throw away from Australia right?

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    Vaild point not giving to much away, I removed my full name, thanks for the advise.

    New Zealand is only a short flight away, i had no idea that this structure existed, its very cool, thanks so much for sharing.
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