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Hello all!

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    Hi all.
    Found your forum whilst looking up info on electromagnetic fields.
    Thank you for your help and allowing my membership.
    Enjoy the day!

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    Welcome to PF!

    What's the purpose of the attached jpg?
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    Just a pic of me being physical and general idea of my vocation.
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    Art and science of Horticulture and arboriculture. I spend most days mitigating hazardous trees through pruning and cabling.
    We prefer prevention over what can occur, as in the pic. Fair amount of fundamental math and science in what we do but on occasion it goes well beyond my understanding due to factors that are difficult to quantify. Mother nature and all.
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    Interesting work. With respect to the cabling, I recently saw a complex sculpture at UT at Austin constructed from 50 or more aluminum canoes and kayaks that were arrayed like a tree branching out in all directions with cabling used to hold it all together against the wind and rain.


    You can imagine the math and engineering that went into its design.
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