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Hello all.

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    Good day everyone. My name is Robert. I have loved science my entire life, but have not pursued a specific direction until now. I often put my work first sadly. It is my plan after retiring from the military for a career in the aerospace industry. I have over 20 years expierence in aircraft maintenance. Also Iam currently workingon a BS from ERAU in Engineering Sciences. I know, it is not MIT, CalTech, but the courses are challenging. Some would say that being almost 40 is too "old" to try to start another career, especially one in the industry. I say why not. Having been around for some time, especially in my mechanical career, has give me a great insight as to how the design and integration of multiple systems work together. Us older people call that wisdom. That is not to say that the younger generations are not overflowing with ideas. I like to think of our society as a large mechanical system. Each having a specific function, working with each other to ensure the system runs smoothly. It is my goal to offer what knowledge I have to those who are looking for a critical opinion if I am able. I will do my best to keep it in the context of the discussion.
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    Welcome to PF, Robert. :smile:
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    Welcome to PF!

    Please take some time to review PF posting guidelines. Our main mission here is to help students with STEM related subjects and in general we don't dwell on personal theories or speculative science. We also try to backup what advice we give with references whenever possible.

    Welcome aboard!
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