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Hello All!

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    Hello, My name is Matan,18 years old. Recently finished my bachelor's degree (a double major in physics&maths) and now having a lot of time on my hands... checking these forums out :)
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Excellent choice of majors - perfect for an aspiring scientist. Do you plan to contiue your studies?
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    That's pretty impressive for an 18 year old. What university did you just graduate from? How many years did it take you to complete the double-major? Are you planning to go to graduate school, or start working?
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    I do plan to continue in physics, though I am unsure in which direction I want to go(solid state/optics/...)..probably going to be an experimentalist though Im unsure of that too..
    Berkman,thank you.I graduated from Bar Ilan University(BIU), in Ramat Gan (where I live).It took three years(and also inclueded an almost minor in judeism..that's how it is in BIU). I am planing on graduate school.. :D
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