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Hello all,

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    Stumbled across this site looking for somewhere to express my ongoing thinking of my thought processes.
    Looking to help generate and also absorb questions based on the universe

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    hi in which university are you studying
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    University of life, studied several different martial arts, buddism, zen. Philosophy. Open mind to all things that expand perception. All ways questioning the bigger picture. It's differcult at times as to converse at a higher level with the audience in my life, they seem to be blinkered by doctrinations of religion / self belief etc. I like to deep think about subject matter to find the way to a resolution.
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    I didn't know that region was a subject. And where is your university
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    Welcome Densedog. Please be sure to read the rules first as we only allow discussions of known mainstream science.

    From the rules

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    Welcome to the forum! the best and only university one would ever need. :)
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