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Hello @all

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm a computer scientist from Germany, I'm completely new to this board and I'm looking forward to profit from the wisdom of you all! :)
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    Welcome :smile: :welcome:
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    Hello Mary,

    thank you! :)

    I'm a little bit lost here. Can I ask an organisational question about this forum?

    Best wishes,

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    Sure:wink: I'll help any way I can, because I'm here, too, are new and not fully understand it all:oops: but I will be glad to help
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    :D Ok, super, thank you!

    If have a question about the interpretation of the half-integer spin.
    What forum would such a question go to? I'm afraid such a subject might be too philosphical for the qm-forum, but I don't know if there is another/a better forum for this kind of questions?
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    What is it? I think it is something from physics or not?
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    Oops, sorry, please forgive me for being so unprecise!

    It's a question about quantum physics and especially about the interpretation of a certain property of elementary particles, the so-called spin.
    Quantum mechanics consists mainly of a mathematical toolset to statistically predict the outcomes of experiments with elementary particles, and it is extremely successful and precise in doing so. But physicist still struggle to find the answer to the question: What exactly is described with this description?

    So this is why I was afraid this subject is not discussed in the qm-forum itself, but maybe in some other (more general) forum.
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    Thank you for explaine:)
    Well you can post this thread in section "quantum physics" I think there are people who can help you:wink:
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    Ok, super, thank you so much! :) :)
  11. Aug 1, 2016 #10
    Not at all)I was glad to help you =)
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