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Hello All!

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    I am a polymath who enjoys music, literature, philosophy, and physics. Have three degrees, Bachelors in Engineering and Physics, and a MSc. in Physics. Currently on a path to rebuild my interests after a catastrophic time at grad school (the prof I wanted to work with and reason why I applied left during the summer before I entered so was left spinning my wheels in different labs and groups for a couple of years). Glad to have gotten a Masters for my time there. I am teaching high school science and coaching UIL. I plan to do this for a couple of years before I reenter into the world of academia. Going through my old notes and textbooks along with Exercises for Feynman's lectures and engaging in Landau's Course (which have been enjoyable so far). Also learning GPU programming with CUDA.

    My interests are mostly in Fluid Dynamics such as vortex structure, atmospheric physics, and turbulence. I also sometimes find myself looking into QFT, Relativity, and Non-equilibrium stat mech. For math, I am a sucker for differential geometry, complex analysis, and dynamical systems. It is a dream of mine to construct a new formulation of fluid dynamics which would help solve the problem of turbulence and perhaps supplant the problems of a general solution for the 3D Navier Stokes equations. I have also been interested in the correspondence between the NS and Einstein equations since an exercise from the "Problem book of General Relativity" had you show how Einstein's equation reduces to Navier Stokes some 6 years ago. Perhaps going backwards you could end up with turbulent spacetimes :P

    Anyway, hope to learn and share on this forum!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Wow, what a great intro Zurvan!

    You will find the members and staff very accommodating indeed!
    The staff here really works hard. With that said, enjoy and please stick around!

    Best regards,
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