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Hello all!

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    Hi all! I am Technik. I'm 26 years old and recently went back to school to pursue a Computer Science degree. I am also really interested in physics; cosmology/astronomy in particular. I am currently working with a physics professor on a web application that will serve as an educational aid in the classroom.

    I just recently completed Calculus 2 (integrals and sums/series) and feel like I did horribly (I managed to scrape by with a D) but made an A in Calc 1 (derivatives) and previous classes. I feel like I just didn't have the right professor nor sufficient time to study the material with everything else going on. I hope to get a better grasp of calc 2, but I've heard it's a daunting beast for most students overall.

    Aside from a few given problems in calc 1 and 2, most of my physics experience is from an intuitive perspective... but I hope to get a better mathematical understanding of physics as well, obviously. I seem to gravitate toward "applied mathematics" subjects like CS and physics even though I'm terribly self-conscious about my skills with "pure" mathematics (and even doubly so with arithmetics :) )

    Anyway, I created an account a long time ago, but just remembered about it. I hope to hang around here and learn from you all as some of the other online groups I've been part of tend to be less moderated and less friendly.

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    Welcome to PF!
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