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Hello and Help

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    Hi there,

    I'm giving this website a try because at this point I'm quite desperate for some help with my beginning physics course. I've plunged back into a second career path in the hopes of applying to PA school next summer, and thus far I've done well in my science courses. This physics class is a self-paced online deal, with virtually no help from the instructor. I have a family and a job so the convenience is huge, but I find myself really struggling with setting up the necessary equations correctly. I get really discouraged when I perpetually find myself taking the wrong path to the problem.

    Any help from experts or those who have the knack of explaining things in layman's terms would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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    Welcome Physkat!

    If you need help, please post in our Homework Help forums and be sure to completely fill out the template we provide, be sure to show what you have already tried to solve the problem yourself so that we can see where you are having problems.

    It's also good if you tell us what level of school you are at so that we can tailor the answers to a level you can understand.
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    Thank you! Yes, this course is a college level algebra-based physics course. I have my bachelors and masters, but as I mentioned I am changing career paths and have delved into college science coursework again.
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