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Hello and introduction

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    Hi from the trenches. We the unwashed sometimes have physics questions and I feel that this is a good place to bring those queries. These questions that I have are going to be asked in rough draft form by someone who doesn't have the advanced education in engineering, science, and math to be able to present it to you in anything other than layman's terms. I apologize in advance for this feature, as it may be frustrating for those of you who specialize in these fields to encounter someone who simply doesn't know any better.

    This is a good educational process for me, I feel, to come with musings and ideas that we encounter from current events and news reports to try and get a greater understanding of how it all works.
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    Nothing on guidance, in response to how much I can help. Really, I am here to bring specific ideas before a group of folks who understand the math to get a thumbs up or a thumbs down and perhaps some required reading to try and get a greater understanding of the nature of the problem to see why one idea or another won't work.
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