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Hello and Thank you

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    I've loved science for a long time. In fact it was one of my favorite subjects in school and was inspired to go for marine biology in collage. Admittedly I didn't cut it and left that path. I still look to educate myself and experiment. I'm writing papers to define myself and what I want in life. What I loved even more then school was nature and the outdoors.
    I believe nature holds many of the solutions to problems many have been looking for but it's like solving the rubrics cube. Until you solve it the first time it is hard but once you have the knowledge you could apply the same knowledge to improve your performance. In that sense I am glad there is a forum where I could look for help, knowledge, criticisms, and inspiration. I've long wanted to a build solar panel and windmill, so far just small scale... I'm hesitant to spend money until I can better track cost and outputs. I also like algae but doubt I could produce anything with it in a cost effective way or at all. I will say already this site has inspired me though.
    Although it helped me confirm that algae bio-diesel could be beyond me, one comment on burning the algae to produce heat was helpful. I want to test something akin to that at a nearby pond. My experiment would be to dredge up pond plants, dry them, and test just how well they will burn. It's not that I think it will be the most productive source of energy and honestly I don't think I will be able to efficiently test that. Maybe though it could be a practical solution (or a way to make physical removal a more viable method) to a problem that does exist, such as bodies of water being clogged with invasive plants. Not that they don't have chemicals to treat some cases but really I feel the first step to improving is admitting mistake. You never know till you try. Flop or fly, I want to post my results here so that people can see it and possibly improve upon it.
    Once this winter here is over I plan on following though with some of my aspirations. Thank you again.
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    Yes, this is very true! :D
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    Welcome to PF!
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