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Hello! As a lifetime student,I too am new to Physics Forums

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    My interest in physics began as a child. A blessing and a curse, I was born with well developed spatial skills, and like many nerdy geeky kids of the 50's found solace in science with its strict set of observable provable rules in an otherwise, for me, socially awkward world. Dedicating my life to the study of various theories, I applied my spatial ability to observe and contented myself with learning to read mathematics as a language expression of the art of science, while only coming later in life as a young adult toward the rigorous application of it as a form of expression where I still find myself a bit lacking.

    As an adult, I chose the field of programming and computing systems, and focused on the narrower field of Metrology in quantitative analysis for a degree. As a student, I became interested in all physical theories, and specifically focused on methods to eliminate measurement ties to artifacts in Metrology, focusing on the various fields of measurement that would tie us to physical constants. As a hobby, I became a student, seeking the limits of science as the new frontier for exploration, and focused on the differences found in various theories. I especially became fond of QM and De Broglie/Bohm, pilot waves, and double slit experiments, and Bell's Theorem and numerous others. And, in so doing, have become entrenched in the concepts of ontology vs epistemology, string theory and entanglement.

    To earn a living, I have worked for NIST, the DoD, NASA, and a Nuclear Power plant as a Metrologist, supporting and eventually supplanting these jobs by focusing on computer programming, development and applications as a life skill. Eventually I went solo, and started a computer business as an OEM, networking, policy and security systems analyst/consultant, leaving me free at last to pursue my interests in physics.

    I look forward to reading the discussions, and participating with a somewhat unique ontological and epistemological perspective on the theory of everything. I attempt as a framework, in a universe that appears increasingly holographic, to maintain and adhere to the need for any theory to include the data observed experimentally (ex: standard model), while expanding theoretically to bring the concepts of existence into what I perceive as a historically limited view of reality. I freely acknowledge my limitations in mathematics, a lack of ability to succinctly express my concepts through rigorous writing, while embracing it as a concept that forces structural limitations in expression in ways nature doesn't always appear to adhere, while admiring the beauty of its attempts as a construct of our limited ability to observe what is going on. I see a light at the end of the tunnel in our movement toward normalization of scales in which we connect the almost infinitesimally small to the almost infinitely large in one of our greatest minds, Stephen Hawking.
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    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you'll fit right in, but do read the rules and in particular be careful about posting personal theories.
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