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Hello atoms

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    myself rakesh bhamare from india , physics graduate ( history too)
    interested in phy fi things
    hope to contribute at good level
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    Welcome to PF!
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    You majored in history too? That's actually very cool. I am really into history as it pertains to science, but particularly math history.

    I also really like Roman history.

    -Dave K
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    i did bachelors degree in history. yes if you go through ancient history you get closer sight of modern science and its fun.
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    Did you do all your schooling in India? I sometimes feel that India's contributions to math and science are left out in our educational system. I wonder how they teach it there.

    Not to take over your thread. Perhaps we could start one on the topic if you are interested.

    -Dave K
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    yes i did all my schooling in india. yeah that is the better, let's discuss in other thread.
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