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Hello chef

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    I am 28 year olds, male. I like sprots, music and cooking, I want to cook good food but I cant, I buy a lots of book teach me to cook good but still cant,
    sometimes when i went home, my neightbors usually joke tell me to marry a girl so she cook for me when i go home from work, but fact that i never met anyone. sinlge. plese tell me how to cook good food.
    Everyday before goin to work, i eat ramen noddles, sometime bread, sanwich only. Thank you.
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    Open the oven's door and get a frozen pizza into it. :rofl:

    It's what I do when I'm alone at the dinner's hour.
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    ramen noodles are so amazingly good. =] haha
    umm, fried rice isnt very hard to make. just scramble some eggs, put some oil in the wok, and throw some rice in. and some leek and whatnot, whatever you want and its all good. ^^

    have you been to a mongolian bbq? they let you experiment around with all the ingredients, gives you a real idea of what could be good at home
    plus it tastes really really good
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    I wouldn't know how to show you online. I'd recommend asking someone you know to show your or trying to take a cooking class - if there are any avaliable where you live.
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