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Hello Chemistry & Medical people!

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    Hi! My name is Chris...

    I've been reading through many of the boards around here and there seems to be an abundance of people that have been through the system and know their fields, why not take advantage of such a experienced community and get advice?

    I suppose it has been 5 or 6 years since I got the idea that I wanted to help people by becoming a physician or a scientist of somekind... To make a long story short, I had a few encounters with mental illnesses and saw how misunderstood they are and how much room for improvement there is in our system, here in the United States. If you want to do something right you have to do it, right?

    Well... I'm a senior in high school this year, I've applied to one state university that I will easily get into (University of Idaho) and I'm working on finishing my essay for University of Washington... Even if I was to be accepted at the UW I couldn't afford or probably come up with enough scholarships and even with a job pay for it... So the University of Idaho is the most economic choice, smaller, and is science oriented.

    My love is science! I've never done amazingly well in English, although I enjoy reading... History is interesting to know... and hard-labor is no fun, as I've already held a full-time job for 3 years in agriculture, no fun at all... This year I'm taking Chemistry in a class room, and I am catching up to a Physics class on my own... (I made a stupid mistake and joined a class that isn't what I expected and gave up Physics for it.) I don't expect to do amazingly well in Physics, but I like that I really have to think... Chemistry is my favorite subject, my teacher is the best I've ever had; he is just amazing, really loves his job, totally into what he does, and makes it fun! (It is really entertaining when is he wrong.) Because of how much I like Chemistry I thought that a program at the U of I sounded about right for me, a B.S. Chemistry program that is kinda pre-med, but more so chemistry... I was told that I really needed to declare for scholarships, but I could still change it...

    I'm not like a 4.00 kinda person, although I am trying to get close... This year is the first year I've had a chance to do anything besides work and just school (I was homeschooled for quite awhile), so I went right to volunteering at our local hospital. The people are really nice, but they all say doctors have no lives... I do a bunch of things and I talk with a bunch of professionals, hearing all kinds of things from each. It is cool how two people can have completely opposite views on the same subject because of their experiences! But it does make it more confusing for me. The general consensus I have heard is that you should go into medicine only if you love it... The surgical director at our hospital has told me that I really should sign up and take an EMT-Basic course and get licensed this spring, to get a more in-depth look in medicine. Helping people is something I enjoy... I plan on it.

    Oh yeah! I really really want to get into research at the undergraduate level... The MSTP program is my dream, that is if I really turn out to like research and extreme science studying! I know that a person can waste away their entire life and only make an infinitesimal or no contribution at all, but atleast someone else won't have to figure that out or will know where NOT to look.

    What I would like to know is does it sound like I am heading in the right direction? Maybe I shouldn't declare myself as a chemistry major? Suggestions? What do you think it takes to be a scientist, chemist, physician.

    I really like seeing different sides of the jellybean...

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