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Hello Community!

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    I'm graduated engineer physicist from Switzerland. I love physics too much and especially beautiful and simple mathematical proofs of physical models apply to every field related to applied mathematics.

    Since twenty years i write a free e-book where i try to compile (compendium) the most beautiful stuff in physics (at least in my point of view) with detailed and simple mathematical proofs. Since two years i'am translating that book in English (yet 4,600 pages translated on 7,000 pages).
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    Hi Vincent. :welcome:

    I admire your dedication in amassing such a hefty compendium, and then setting about to translate it.

    However, at PF we rarely allow new members to advertise their publications. So I have removed that part of your post.

    I shall check with the forum administrator to see whether he will in your case make an exception to the rule of no advertising.
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    That is awesome! I hope you post your free eBook here. I would love to read it :)
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