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Hello Cosmologists

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    I have been in school for many years, but did not invest much time in physics, astrology or cosmology.
    All of it was self-taught.
    These topics interest me greatly because I am complex, somewhat crazy and definitely idealistic, and there are no boundaries to my imagination.
    Until recently I was not too invested in cosmology, but I recently had a potential break in dark matter.
    The problem actually is that I don't have a list of the riddles in cosmology.
    This makes it difficult to develop any ideas up the cosmology tree to see if I truly have something.
    As a result, I have many incomplete models of dark matter.
    Definition of incomplete model, a model which tackles some riddles, but is not sufficiently developed as to answer sufficient riddles to become the mainstream model.
    Naturally, because I am deprived of some knowledge, I avoid the big bang aspect, and my models begin from the evolution of galaxies. Nevertheless, you'd be surprised at how much one can extrapolate by completely ignoring time prior to evolution of galaxies.
    My favorite construct of all time is the space-time continuum.
    There is definite intelligence behind that theory.
    That means either Einstein was right, or he was on to something.
    At the moment my position remains pliable.
    Perhaps in time, I will share musings on the subject.
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    Hi ericore. Welcome to Physics Forums.

    Please note that PF permits discussion of only orthodox science (apart from the science fiction subforum). Content that includes personal theories is not allowed. There are plenty of sites catering for imaginative unorthodox theories of everything, and Physics Forums prides itself on not being one of them. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.
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