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Hello didnt know where to put this

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    I just wanted to greet my self.
    I am 15 and am into coding as well as engineering.
    Some projects i completed are Fume Extractors, Transformer Shocker, Joule Thief, and other stuff. I have basic engineering tools like soldering irons and stuff.
    Got interested after watching Iron Man. So yea anyone want tot be friends.
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    Welcome Evil Genius
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    Cool stuff, EG !

    I have a 17 yo son whose much the same as you - really into the engineering.

    For a science project, he just invented a contraption to fit into the front forks of his dirt bike, so that the shocks don't get compressed when it's tied down firmly on the trailer, during transport (apparently, having the shocks compressed for long periods is bad for 'em - or so he tells me). He made it out of PVC pipes, rubber stoppers, and two clamps - very cool !

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    Welcome to PF, Evil Genius, I hope you like it here :smile:!
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    i am liking it all ready it has all the resources that i could need on engineering.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    OMG, O'Reilly really has a book for everything!

    Meow-how-how... :devil:
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