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Hello Eeveryone, new student here

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    Salutations and greetings, all students of the arts of knowledge!

    My name is Mahmoud, and I am a student who has joined this forum as several times it has answered my questions, even when I have not deliberately searched on here! So took the hint; I joined. Got a PM, and here I am!

    I am currently self-teaching/studying from online and the library, and have a major focus on Physics and Mathematics. Which of these, of course, is still a fierce mental debate!

    But, of course, that is another subject. I shall not digress, but simply say that I am an avid reader, and am willing to spend as much time as possible learning and developing. And exhausting my library card.

    And again,

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    Greetings, and welcome to PF, Mahmoud.
    I hope you find your future here, both pleasurable, and enlightening.

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    Thankyou very much Om! I can tell by your encouraging response that my stay will be what you hope it to be.

    I will now begin posting. I am glad to have such quick responses.
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