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Hello Everybody

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    Hey all,

    I found this forum a while back, and just re-found it today. I took regular physics last year in high school, and found it simple. So I took a big step and took the hardest class my school offers: AP Physics. I had my first test on Friday, and boy was it hard. But I don't think I did too bad :)

    So, just saying hello, and hoping that I'll be able to contribute a bit in the Homework section to people taking intermediate physics, and here's to hoping that you advanced mathematicians will be able to help me!

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    Welcome to PF!!!

    hmmm...why don't we have a welcome thread?
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    This would not be a bad idea....

    Anyway, Welcome Romanian!
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    I was thinking of a "introduce yourself" thread for newbies!
    But wow we already have so many stikies, so I'm not sure if that would be possible.
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    welcom Romanian.
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