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Hello everybody!

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    Hi, I'm new here... I'm a professional in ATC (Air Traffic Control).
    I find it imprescindible to feed my mind: you deny me reading books and documents, you kill me. My interests range from "classical physics" to electronics (my formal instruction, before ATC I used to work as an electronics designer), to music, especially classical music, and organs (intended as the musical instrument), to the human behaviour in complex and/or stressing environments. I always wanted to avoid having just a superficial knowledge of the matters I get to study or work on (that included entering a cathedral organ and punch the windchests, or suggest the organ builder how to modify certain timings to avoid a nasty transient problem). I highly regard the work of engineers in the past decades: they didn't have CAD and Internet, just slide rules and paper books (and microfilms, ok ;-) ) and their BRAINS, and they built the F-104, the SR-71, and went to the Moon and back... hats off, definitely. I landed here while studying the material available online about the safety features and devices of nuclear weapons: the philosophy behind those concepts (that can be applied to other fields, as well) and the way the old school engineers - again - solved those problems is fascinating! My old physics professor of the high school, that I visit regularly, in his refined style once defined me "a Renaissance man"... I'm sure I didn't deserve such honour, but I was definitely flattered. :rolleyes:
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    Welcome to PF! ATC always amazed me!
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    This job has been defined like being an anesthesiologist: "95% of the time absolute boredom, 5% of pure terror".
    We just lack the boredom. :nb)
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    I travel a lot so please do not share your terror stories :nb):biggrin:
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