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Hello Everyone! I'm Glad I Found this Forum!

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    Hello Everyone, I just want to say something to this forum..
    It's Incredible! I'm looking forward to be active at PhysicsForums.
    I gonna Introduce myself.

    -->My name is Steve. I'm a 15 year old kid. I love Physics and
    I'm trying to pursue my career as a Scientist.

    Why did i joined this forum?
    Because i got no friends who love physics, i know i wouldn't grow
    if i just learning by myself. I believe people accomplish more when they co-operate.

    I live where in my school enviroment that people only care about their ownselves.
    i decided to find a community that i can grow with.
    So, im not stuck forever in a loop and wasting my time.

    That's All! I'm looking forward and being active at this forum :)
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    Thank you :smile:
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