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Hello everyone. I'm new here and want friends here

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    My name is Tongyu Chen, and you can call me Creek. I'm a 21 year-old boy in physics and come from China. I am the only child in my family so sometimes I feel a little lonely.
    I play table tennis, volleyball and basketball. Though I looks not very tall I often get rebounding balls in basketball.

    I like spicy food and make dishes sometimes. At least my mom rates my cooking highly.

    I like both physics and math and is studying for the two degrees. I'm going to American for graduate edu in 2014 in my plan.

    I also have a interest in philsophy. I am planning to read Aesthetics Classic Readings from Western Tradition by Dabney Townsend. If you are also reading it we can talk about it.

    I am reading the following books in physics and math and others and we can talk about them.
    Group Theory and physics by Sternberg
    Theoretical Mechanics by Saletan
    Mechanic by Landau
    Classical Field Theory by Landau
    Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics by Greiner
    Real Analysis by Stein
    Mordern Quantum Mechanics by J.J Sakurai
    Basic Topology by Armstrong

    I also read novels, and I like the Big Bang expecially Sheldon.

    I also have interest in Polictics and Fiction.

    I've already taken the gre test and got a not so bad score so you may get some advice from me.

    You can ask me ask any question here and I am very willing to answer you, because I want to make friends here and I guess we can progress together.
    If you want to contact me personally. You can send private message to me.
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    你好 我美国人,可是现在我学习中文

    Nice to meet you.
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    Welcome to PF, Creek. Hope you enjoy it here. :smile:
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    Nice to meet you too. I am also preparing for TOEFL. We can help each other. I think I can help you with your writing.
    You can revised your words to this 你好 我是美国人,我现在在学习中文。
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    Did I offend you? I remember that I shouldn't offer help to others in western culture.You can always correct me and I will trying to remember.:confused:
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    No, it's fine. I have no pride to be lost in my Chinese. I appreciate the help. I don't know why someone would tell you not to help people.
    This forum is all about helping people. If you get something wrong, it's nice to have people around who will give you constructive criticism so that you can better yourself.
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    I knew that in western culture people are very independent if he or she didn't ask for help from you, it's rude to offer help. I just hear this from my English Teacher which I don't know whether it is true.
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    Ok, define "independence" in your mind.
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    Well, in some sense, independence have nothing to with what I said earlier. The key point is that my English teacher tell me that independence is about if someone didn't ask for help from you, it's rude for you to offer help. English teachers in my country are similar to your Chinese teacher in your own country. They do not have to be very intelligent on every aspect but only need much knowledge in language and a little culture related to that language.
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    :biggrin: well, maybe it depends on the context i.e when your teacher mentioned "independence", which means the person is *trying* to find out an answer and he doesn't need anyone else's help. It doesn't necessarily mean rude/impolite to help someone that you find he is reaching out for a helping hand. That should be generous and kind of you to do so. If he doesn't like your help, he may then just say "I am trying and would like to work on my own until I find it", then you might stop annoying his endeavor.
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    aha, you're right! i got it!
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    Re: Being physics student from China, I want to make some friends here.

    Sooo.. What's your favorite fish? :biggrin:
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    Re: Being physics student from China, I want to make some friends here.

    blunt-snout bream。 It's very delicious. Its flesh is incrediblly moist. If you have chance going to China, I can give you a treat.
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    Welcome to the forum. I have never heard of that fish. I think I need to get myself a favorite fish.
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    http://www.jc182838.com/upload/2012-02/2012020119182983.jpg [Broken]
    http://lovemshi.net/UploadFiles/2011-06/admin/2011061021205741416.jpg [Broken]
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    *Smacks a blue-snout bream onto Tongyu Cheng's unsuspecting nose*

    You have now been properly initiated at Physics Forums, and wish you welcome! :smile:

    You might have a look at the origin of our initiation ritual here:
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    Sorry, I don't really get what you mean.And I have no access to Youtube because of the local government.
    By the way,this kind of fish is named of the title of a place. I am studying in Wuhan, a city, consisting of three parts----Wuchang, Hanyang and Hankou.
    The fish is called Wuchang yu, and "yu" means fish in Chinese.:smile:
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    As for this cultural distinction:
    Perhaps it is true that in the West, we prefer to offer help if someone asks for it, because we do not think it is demeaning that a person actively expresses his need for help, but that it would be condescending to presume he needed help, prior for him asking for it (even though we privately KNOW he needs help!).

    Perhaps for people in Chinese culture, it is regarded as somewhat merciless to wait until someone actually begs for help that you knew in beforehand he would need, and that it is regarded to be more merciful and humane to offer, on your own initiative, help, although the person has not asked for it?
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    As a community, we like to make our own rituals that honours you as a new member. We have chosen to slap new members with a fish, on basis of a very well known act by the comic group Monty Python.

    Hundreds of other members at PF have gone through the same ritual (where you are asked what your favourite fish is, and we slap you with it), and you are now a member with full honours.
  21. Oct 29, 2012 #20
    Thinking what you said in #18 I guess I understand more about the cultural difference.
    Also I feel a sense of belongingness that I never had in any other forums.
    Thank you all!
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