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Hello everyone!Need help with choosing a term.The situation is

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    Hello everyone!

    Need help with choosing a term.
    The situation is that there is a molding process.
    The result of this process is a cylindrically shaped part made of a mixture of graphyte and and composite resin.

    When the mixture is put into the mold, the mold is closed and held in this state for a certain time under load.

    What would you call this time under load?

    Is it ok to say:

    molding time under load

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    Re: Molding

    I work in injection moulding. I would say this for a plastic part being made in an injection moulding machine.

    The time that the part is being held under pressure is the holding time.
    There is further time in the injection moulding process after the pressure is released. This is called cooling time.
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    Re: Molding

    Thank you.

    I think what I'm describing is not injection molding?
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