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Hello Everyone! Nice to meet you all!

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    Hello all! I’m pleased to meet all of you here on Physics Forums! I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, and I’ve spent about 2 years traveling and broadening my horizons; however, I think that now I am ready to come back to the Physics world. As such, I will be self-studying a lot of different physics topics, in an effort to prepare myself for graduate school. My purpose for coming here is that, I hope that I can learn a lot from the rest of you, and I hope that I can find answers to my questions that I may have, during this self-study process. I’m happy to meet all of you! :)
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    Hello Matthew,
    That's excellent that you're getting back into physics and pursuing graduate school. Just out of curiosity, what types of things are you interested in studying in? I'm still an undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in math, but I've really gotten into physics these last few months. Like you, I joined to learn from this great community of people, but in my case, I'm self-learning in preparation to take some classes I will be taking for a physics minor. Being that you already have a Bachelor's in physics, I'll probably be the one learning from your posts.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! :)
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