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Hello everyone.

  1. Jun 8, 2012 #1
    Hi there. Mime here from Poland. It's really pleasant to meet you all :)

    Have a Nice day.

    It's just for introduction. Mod. Please close it after week. If it's not a problem.
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  3. Jun 8, 2012 #2
    Hello Mime!! Welcome to the forums!!

    Got a favorite fish, perhaps??
  4. Jun 8, 2012 #3
    Oh favorite fish...

    one I'd like to eat... trout with lemon and herbs...

    one I like to watch and enjoy watching...Blue Whale, great and peaceful animal :)
  5. Jun 8, 2012 #4


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    OK, here's a nice big trout for you!


    And welcome to PF! You have now been properly initiated. :biggrin:
  6. Jun 8, 2012 #5
    Thank you :)
  7. Jun 8, 2012 #6


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    Hello Mime, hope you enjoy it here. :smile:
  8. Jun 8, 2012 #7
    I already did. :) white hole theory looks quite interesting. But i still cant find any topic about engineering universities... I d to study in Japan. I hope someone here have any idea about it. Little digression.
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    Be very glad that JT was the one who performed your fish-slap initiation. Some of us would have chosen the whale. :biggrin:
  10. Jun 8, 2012 #9
    Hahahahhahah. Good one.
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