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Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone :)

    Been reading your forum for a couple of years as a visitor and decided to take this opportunity to thank everbody for there exceptional intellect and insights. I have been a science fan since a child, but lack the formal education to pursue such vocations. Most of my knowledge comes from pubic school, independent reading or the Science Channel. I hope in the event that I can contribute
    or ask a question, the powers that be will forgive my ignorance of science and show some tolerance.
    After reading here, I have learned a great deal about many subjects... Much of which is far superior to my own research. Thanks.
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    mmmm boiledhotdogs....mmmmm....:!!)

    Sorry. Dinner time here.

    Welcome to PF! :smile:
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    Hope your dinner consist of something better than a boiledhotdog :yuck: unless it has bacon or something wraped around it :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the welcome.
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    What about a fish?
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    Welcome to PF officially. I too toured PF for months before joining it.
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