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Hello, everyone

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    Hi, my name's faiface, and I'm working on a fully physics based platforming game. That means, that your character is a ragdoll. But not a regular ragdoll. It's a ragdoll that can maintain balance, stand, walk, run, jump, climb. Well, not everything mentioned yet, but it's getting there.
    Sometimes I'm stuck with a physical problem I can't solve, and that's where I'm about to use this forum.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Sounds like an interesting game. Is it similar to the small world game on Sony ps3? Or the Number 9 movie from a few years ago?
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    It's more similar to the Xiao Xiao "movie". If you don't what that is, just search it on youtube. In my game you actually play as a stickman that is fully physically simulated (no animation involved, not even keyframe animation). Now this stickman has bones and muscles and he's got to operate these muscles in order to maintain balance, walk, jump, etc.. But it's not up to you as a player to control those muscles, they're automatically controlled by a programmed controller. You as a player just have to press the LEFT key, and the stickman will walk to the left. Simple as that. You can imagine it as a very advanced QWOP controlled by a computer.
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    Okay I see. I remember some years ago the stick fighting movies probably from the same guy. So ciao xiao means really tiny in chinese?

    Movie reference:

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    I don't know what that means, but yeah, exactly that except for the teleporting :). The game is not much to show yet, but hopefully will be in a short time. If you want to see some updates coming you can follow me on twitter @faiface.
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    What programming language are you using and for what platforms?

    One popular game platform is the Unity game engine. It supports iOS, android, several gaming machines, windows, linux, and macosx and more... Using javascript or c# programming languages. Also it supports the new oculus rift.
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    I'm programming it in Java and it will be for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. I'm using the LibGDX library for it, so it may be ported to Android and iOS later.
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