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Hello everyone

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    Hi guys.

    I found my way here after searching Chris langan..the smartest man in the world.

    My motivation for searching iS that I'm stupid. I'm wondering if I can do anything to change this. Maybe I'll always be stupid but my perspective can change.. Obviously.

    Anyway, hi guies
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    Welcome to PF!

    The fact that you think you're stupid just means that there's things you know you don't know not that you're really stupid and I'd say that's pretty smart.

    Enjoy the site, expand your knowledge and amaze your friends. Also don't forget to post from time to time.
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    So all that I know is that I know nothing?

    But seriously, some ppl r stupid.

    I'm only good at like procedural math and science and memorization. My sister can figure things out. She has 3 kids from 3 different fathers. And works at Kmart at age 32.
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    There was a recent study that suggests that the portion of the brain that learns things is the portion that evaluates how well you know it. In other words, incompetent people dont realize that they are incompetent but those who worry about it are in fact competent because they realize there's always more to learn.

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    That's retarded because success breeds confidence. And the negation
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am newbie in this community. Feeling glad to be a part of this forum. Here I wanna share my ideas and views about Bible.
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