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Hello, everyone!

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    Hello! I'm currently a junior at Miami University in Ohio. I just recently added physics to my list of majors (my other major is philosophy). A little background on me: my interest in physics began a few years ago, during a break from university that I took between the ages of 20 and 24 (I'm 25 now). I became very interested in mathematics (which I hated in high school), and, using Khan Academy, went back and taught myself everything from long division to basic derivatives and integrals of polynomials. I'm currently using Khan Academy to teach myself other basic fundamentals of differential and integral calculus. I'm slated to take calculus I for the first time this coming semester and the basic physics course for physics majors the following summer.

    My friends who are physics majors seem to think I'll have the cast of mind to hack it, and I'm pretty dead-set on getting a physics degree, but I'm not sure what to do next. Hopefully I'll get a STEM job via a carefully-chosen grad degree, and I've made a thread for that.
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