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Hello everyone!

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    Nice to meet you all, my name is Ethan and i'm currently writing this post from sunny Singapore! Currently awaiting for my GCE A Levels results and I have ambitions to become an astrophysicist probably at MIT :)
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    Welcome Ethan!

    I am jealous of your weather in Singapore - 95oF almost all year round, it's a little cooler here in the UK.

    Good to hear of your ambition, you will get lots of help from these Forums.

    Motivation is everything, keep studying, especially mathematics and physics and be passionate about the subject. Astrophysics is a little like music in terms of a career, lots of people are interested in it but only a few are good enough to make a career out of it - the key is passion and dedication.

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    Yup I heard that it's somewhat 'hard' to be the cream of the crop if we choose this path :( Haha, I'd really love to visit the UK in the future! (Who knows I may even do my post grads there IF I perform excellenty )
    However, one bad thing about Sinngapore here is the courses that our Universities offer for people with such aspirations like me :(
    Hence I'm kinda stuck with taking a basic ME degree first....but I'm curious if I can still follow up with my dreams for my post grad studies though :s Wish me luck!
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