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Hello everyone

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    Hi i'm joining in hopes you guys can help me out since i dont have much time to go to classes and meet people i dont really have a way to get my questions answered, so i hope you can help me, and i hope i can help you :)
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    Hi WrongMan. :welcome:

    Sorry to hear that you are missing some classes, because this is likely to adversely affect your grades and learning. Regrettably, these forums are not a substitute for attending class, so given the situation you find yourself in I suggest you made good use of the myriad other web resources at your fingertips.

    Rather than your studying alone, my recommendation is that you connect with a couple of others in the same courses/classes you are enrolled, so you can swap helpful advice and continue to stay on top of things.

    Good luck with your studies.
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    well yeah i know its not good for me to miss classes, and most of my doubts are either due to that or to the fact that 300 students in a classroom makes me anxious (i know it's kina stupid).

    I do know a couple of persons but i can only study with them like 2 hrs per week so it is not very rewarding.
    most of the times i just need someone to point me in the right direction
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