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Hello Everyone!

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    Hello everyone at Physics Forums,

    My name is Andrew; I'm an undergraduate student currently pursuing my B.S. in mathematics. While pure mathematics is my main area of interest, I've gained an immense appreciation of physics as I've been self-educating myself with Feynman's lectures and a few other physics books; in fact, I now plan on minoring in physics due to my new found appreciation of the subject.

    Aside from math and physics, I enjoy running both for exercise and the fun of it. I also help coach and run a non-profit fencing club, which is a lot of fun; for anyone with fencing knowledge, I'm mostly an epeeist. As for weird and nerdy stuff, I'm a huge MST3K fan, so I enjoy watching hilariously bad sci-fi and horror movies, both from past to present. Watching Family Feud also seems to be a strange pastime of mine that I can't fully explain, but it seems to relax me when I'm overloaded with math. When I have time, I'm also a Chess enthusiast, who needs to spend more time working on the fundamentals of the game, instead of studying exotic openings :biggrin:.

    In finishing this post, this site looks like it will be a great community to learn and discuss physics and math; it's wonderful how these forums offer people, of all skill levels, lots of great resources for learning.

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    Welcome to PF!
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    Hi Andrew,
    I have been studying chess with a friend of mine that is ranked here in Montana for about a year now. He's a good club player (1850) and crazy good at defense and working for a draw.
    Anyway... Wanted to drop in with an opening I recently discovered called the Stone Wall Attack. Not an ideal opening but if you are playing at club level it can really throw a wrench in the gears of an experienced player. We tend to get comfortable with the standard openings and this is a fun diversion. I beat my friend 3 out of 5 games the first time I used it!
    And welcome to PF.
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