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Hello everyone

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    hello im very happy to have found this site i have bin looking for a place to bounce a couple of ideas of off and with some one with real background to answer and give me feed back of my thoughts sorry about the spelling and grammar throw are my down falls i have a lot to ask about space-time gravity and light speed just to start out
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    Welcome to the forum hsdrop,

    Please be sure that you read and understand our guidelines before posting. We only deal with known mainstream science and not new ideas, You are welcome to ask questions, it will greatly help if you form your questions well and link to the source of the material that you do not understand. You should post a short quote from the part of the material that you do not understand so that we can see what it is.

    The link to the guidelines is in the same email that sent you here and can also be found in the top right hand corner under "INFO - Terms and Rules".
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