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Hello everyone!

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    Hi guys!

    I'm a computational physicist for work - mostly I work with Density Functional Theory and other quantum mechanics-related topic. I'm an engineer but have a Physics PhD and now I'm mostly working coding in Python or Fortran. On my free time I'm trying to delve more into other parts of quantum mechanics - QFT especially. I don't necessarily expect to need it for my work (though I could use the maths & insights for some techniques, like instanton-based tunnelling rate calculations, or path-integral molecular dynamics) but I find it an enjoyable and fascinating. I also like creating visualisations or interactive applets, or even game ideas, based on physics, so I'm looking for inspiration as well. But I'd be happy to discuss it with someone while I go along as well as get some help when I'm stuck, so here I am! Nice to meet you!
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    Hi Gan_HOPE326. :welcome:

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