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Hello everyone!

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    Hello everybody! I am excited to be part of this forum. It's the first time for me. I am 41, from France and with my sons (9, 7 and 6) we love physics. I have studied economics and discovered my interest for physics only a few years ago. I try to learn things by myself with videos from You tube, websites and books, but sometimes I don't come any further. I hope that with this forum I will find answers to my questions and I will be able to help other people. I particularly like to learn about the elements, everything related to electricity and magnetism, the theory of relativity, and quantum mechanics. What I find great about physics is that it is everywhere in our daily lives, but you need to take a closer look to discover that there is always a reason why things are the way they are. You need to get out your comfort zone to look behind the curtain.
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:
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