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Hello fellow addicts

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    Science in general is a great passion of mine. Don't laugh, but I'm 25 with just a G.E.D. waiting on G.I bill for school. That said, over the past few years I've found nothing that fascinates me more than creation, energy, space time, and all the cool things that keep you dreaming at night. That being awake, or asleep. With no proper training past general high school education, I've thought up dozens of theories about our universe (big and small, macro and micro). Upon further research to validate or falsify Many of these "Home brewed theories", I found that I've been insanely accurate just from exploring while I meditate at night. With the right friends and mentors, I believe I can make great contributions to our world of understanding. In short: I'm a total nube, but feel I was born for this. Any mentor or friend to learn from or collaborate with, please say hello :-)
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    Welcome to PF!
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