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Hello fellow Sci-fi enthusiasts

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    After years of lurking I'm taking a bold step and registering on here to geek out in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy forum (most likely).

    I do enjoy Sci-Fi but with the advent of movies like Gravity and Interstellar there is really a push for more "realistic" sci-fi as opposed to the wild out there "warp drive, shields, phasers and transporter" fiction arena.

    I'm at work on several sci-fi projects that the moment over the past several years. I'm keen to "improve" the science basis in the storytelling wherever possible to reduce the facepalm moments experienced by many people when watching such a genre. The more plausible and realistic, the better. I believe that if you can explain a futuristic technology in such a way that lands in the realm of actual possibility, it has the potential to capture the hearts and minds of people in ways that are more appealing than wild sci-fi fantasy (although that is still a lot of fun too).

    I'm also part of Sydney Futurists where we discuss future technologies. This also helps me get some sort of hold (however thin) on what topics to include in the next sci-fi scripts.

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    Hi Lothlorien. snJL9SLm.gif
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