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Hello fellow scientists

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    I used to hang out here many years ago, like 30 years ago. I am have some definite ideas about physics that might or might not be important. I have seen and done some amazing things in terms of science in the US Navy. I am, and have been for some 30 years, the "Unofficial Chief of Naval Innovation." I am very interested in rail guns, and EM launchers, which I helped introduce into the fleet. But generally I am an empirical physicist. I have run thousands of experiments for the Navy and for my own company. I am most expert in manufacturing science, particularly metals casting, which involves a great deal of physics. I also specialize in optics. I invented an entire class of materials, which became a whole field new of science, and was one of the leaders of the materials science revolution.
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    I have this notion that time is an illusion. That it does not exist at all. There is either time, or gravity, but not both. I choose to dispense with time rather than gravity, because it seems less problematic.
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    Hi CaptainJonathanNorth. :welcome:

    Did this site even exist so many years ago?

    We make it clear that the focus of Physics Forums continues to be mainstream science, what you'll find in peer-reviewed journals and all good university textbooks.
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    Yes, it did exist. It was very different then, it was more a blog of physicists talking shop about projects and stuff.
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    This is new and cool, and it looks to me like the evolution of something very old.
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    Are you familiar with NuRBs?
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    Welcome to the forums!

    I'm afraid you must be mistaken, unless that's a typo and you meant 3 years? PF was started in 2001 by @Greg Bernhardt. On top of that the World Wide Web wasn't even around thirty years ago.

    PF is a great place to learn and discuss all aspects of science, so long as it complies with the site rules which outline that this isn't a theory development site.

    I believe we have many members that used to be in the armed forces (of multiple nations). Are you still a captain in the US navy or have you retired to pursue physics?
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    This is a great thing. There have been forums like this in the past. I now realize that PF was formalized in 2001. There was a newsgroup, many years ago, called "alt.physics" hosted, I think by MIT, or some MIT professors and students, all before the term "blog" even existed. I really don't remember the details, but the essence of PF was in their DNA. I get that this is not a theory development site. Not to worry, I won't bore you with my hypotheses :^).

    My position with the Navy is VERY complicated. I invented Lattice Block Materials, called periodic cellular solids, which was a revolution in materials science. I donated $600,000,000 worth of manufacturing and materials technology to the US Navy, they gave me a Special Direct Commission. I am still with the Navy, on Inactive Reserve. Basically I'm on vacation for 4 years until I can put in for my first star. That's what happens when you don't take any vacation days for 30 years. I am not a warrior, I am a scientist. The entire time I was in the Navy, I also ran a commercial venture that did lots of business with the Defense Department. I invented the term "confluence of interest," which looks a lot like conflict of interest, but is in fact just the opposite.

    I am the Unofficial Chief of Naval Innovation at the Office of Naval Research, the official position is held by Dr. Lawrence Schutte at ONR. I have not retired, I'm just off duty until I'm 55. There is a minimum age requirement for Admirals :^). I'm working on a new type of optical sensor and am very interested in what exactly is an "image" and how photons are able to transmit information in the form of images.
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    AFAIA there's no direct link between the early usenet groups and PF, in any case they likely shared the same purpose.

    Interesting, in what way are lattice block materials different to periodic cellular scaffolds? IIRC the latter have been in use for decades in the form of honeycomb scaffolds (among others).

    Wow that's a lot! How big is your company that you could afford to donate that much wealth?

    What's a star? Is that a service length medal?

    I believed I've seen the term argued over in some medical journal editorials, what paper did you publish in?

    Begs the question what's your official position and what does Dr Schutte think of your title lol. Is it easy for direct commissioned officers to become admirals in the navy?

    Cool. Wouldn't it be fair to say that photons don't transmit images but rather information gained from a wealth of photons are used by sensors and processors (biological or artificial) to render an image?
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    Right, it's more like a legacy than a descendent. You are right about the similar purpose. It was also a much smaller group of users, back before the internet. It was only university computers that were on the ARPANET, I'm old :^).:^).
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    Begs the question what's your official position and what does Dr Schutte think of your title lol. Is it easy for direct commissioned officers to become admirals in the navy?

    Well Larry never knew what to make of me :^). But it works out o.k.because if he expresses interest in a venture or technology, it causes huge problems for the entrepreneurs. The minute Dr. Schutte takes an interest in something, the small ventures, and start ups, are inundated with all manner of venture capitalists, charlatans, and wise guys. It can literally destroy a small firm. So Larry deals with the innovations that come out of the big corporate labs only, GE labs, HRL Labs, United Technologies Research Center, those types. I can go look at the small stuff and nobody knows the Navy has taken an interest. So no VC's and wiseguys. If I see something that needs to be in a bigger lab I send it to Dr. Schutte, if he sees something that comes from a big lab but needs to be in a smaller environment, we sort of swap tech. I have no idea if DC officers can become Admirals or not, but I intend to put in my paperwork and see what happens :^). I'm told my dossier is 8 inches thick?!?
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