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Hello for All

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    Hello dear scientists and engineers!
    My name Konstantin Levadny. I read about Physics Forums in article in russian scientific magazine.
    I have many simple questions about physics and computer science. My bachelor degree is microelectronics. Now i study on computer science faculty.
    I have big expirience on railway and train manufacturing. I work with TCMS and preparing mathematical model for trains.

    Please added my in contact in LI and forum too.

    Good luck for all.
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    Which Russian magazine did you see the article about PF in? Can you link to the article?
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    Oh :-) May be is not pure scientific magazine. Is special popularity magazine for economists and bussines.
    This article in web: http://expert.ru/expert/2013/39/zachem-amerike-stolko-fizikov/.
    Short content of article. Full text is not free in web.
    Name of article. Why do so many American physicists.
    Russian professor worked in USA. He compared education in Russia and in USA.
    Article don't have web hiperlink but only little description PF. Not word-to-word: "All students and specialists use Physics Forums for find information and expirience exchanged".

    After this article I got interest for this subject and I find in google "Physics Forums".

    About article. Autor is "Хеннер Виктор, профессор кафедры теоретической физики Пермского университета, профессор кафедры физики университета Луисвилля" - Victor Henner (or Khenner) - professor of Perm State University and professor of Louisville University.
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    Welcome to PF!
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